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Bone Dense

An hour’s train journey from Prague is Kutna Hora, home to a bizarre church which will leave the hair on your little toe standing up straight.

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Within You

A couple in love shares various spaces in a cityscape.  At first, the man seems to be dancing alone, but within the space, he is always dancing with his lover. Read More


Anicka is my attempt at exploring the meta! This was made as one of my assignments in film school, I wanted to try out the documentary style with the camera movements and angles. This was also an exercise in dialogue writing, directing and editing. Getting dialogue heavy scenes to flow seamlessly is harder than I thought!


Just before I left Prague, one of Central Europe’s best dance companies approached me to make a promotional video for them and here it is. The best part of the experience was shooting the sash dancers off a bridge on the Vlatava River with the castle in the background.

30 Second Precise

Shot for Prague’s leading dance troupe Art4People, this is a short excerpt of the Ballroom dance from the larger promo. One thing I noticed while filming the dancers was the precision in their movements and the emotion that goes along with it.